What is Strat Roulette for Valorant?

Take a turn on the roulette wheel.

Image via Riot Games

Are you a little tired of playing the exact same way every match in Valorant? Do the games seem to meld together because you go about things similarly all the time? Want to find a new way to enjoy the game? For a little fun, you can make use of a website called Valorant Strat Roulette. Here is how to do that.

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Before we begin, this website works best when you have a full party of five friends playing together, and this is not meant to be played seriously, so don’t take this into Competitive.

To begin, go to the Valorant Strat Roulette website and choose the side and map you are playing on. Once you hit the Strat button, you will be given a certain way your team must go about the round.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When the next round begins, or you want a different challenge, click the randomize button again to get a new way to play. Here are a few of our favorite strats that appeared for us:

  • Shoutcasters – Every player that is alive must narrate every action that they make. Do this as a shoutcaster would while spectating a professional match. Everyone that is alive must participate but stop if they die.
  • Silent but deadly – Everyone on your team must set their game’s master volume to 0.
  • Where are they coming from? – Everyone on your team must put their headset on backwards for the entire round.