What is the best tier 2 Island route in Lost Ark?

While Lost Ark’s item level grind can’t be skipped, its corners can be cut.

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After having reached level 50, Lost Ark players face an uphill battle in gradually upgrading and honing gear to continually make vertical progress and create stronger characters. This grind tends to be taxing on both their time and their patience, as item levels are often the primary barriers of entry separating them from the game’s true end-game content — Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and other high-level PvM instances.

Fortunately, many of the low-level islands in the Sea of Gienah feature easy and quick-to-complete Una’s Tasks that developing players can repeat to rapidly gather the consumables used in equipment honing. As most of these islands are a short sail away from one another, even the most time-strapped players can afford to spend a few minutes per day at sea while accomplishing these tasks.

Peyto: Another Hard Day at Work

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Located in the sea near equidistant from Anikka, Arthetine, and North Vern, the Peyto serves as the de-facto nucleus for early-game islands, and the optimal jumping-off point for an efficient player’s island route. Two different Una’s Tasks begin onboard this cruise ship, with both requiring partial completion of the Peyto’s quest-line — up to the indentured servitude as part of its crew — to complete.

Another Hard Day at Work, which demands that the player briefly wait tables, shovel sawdust, catch rats, and clean shop displays, will reward them with 340 Harmony Shards upon task completion. Performing this task at least once is also a requirement for starting a series of quests on the Peyto.

Ride like the Wind can be started as the player leaves the Peyto, which tasks them with ferrying three departing Peyto customers to three static locations for a profit of five Harmony Leapstones. Fortunately, all three of this task’s destinations have Una’s Tasks of their own, meaning that players can chain this task into another.

  • Seaswept Woods, Tortoyk
  • Revelry Row
  • Turtle Island

For the sake of optimizing this taxi route, it is fastest to first sail northeast to Turtle Island, then south to Tortoyk, and finish the trip by sailing southwest to Revelry Row.

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Revelry Row: Cocktail in Hand

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Finishing their taxi route to the south of Vern, players will finish their island-hopping route by serving cocktails to the patrons of Revelry Row. The mechanically quickest of the three to perform, this tasks earns the player a Star’s Breath with every completion.

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