What is the cost of Stars in Among Us? Guide to Star prices

Get some astronomical style for your Crewmate.

Image via Innersloth

A big update to the social deduction sensation Among Us brought a set of roles into the game to shake up the conflict between the Crewmates and the Impostors. But developer Innersloth also took the opportunity to overhaul the game’s cosmetic system, with a variety of new items for players to get their hands on.

Stars are the premium currency in Among Us, and fans will have to spend real money in order to get them. The system replaces the previous setup where cosmetic items were sold directly at the laptop inside the waiting room.

  • 20 Stars: $1.99
  • 30 Stars: $2.99
  • 50 Stars: $4.99
  • 110 Stars: $9.99
  • 300 Stars: $24.99

While the purchase method is slightly different, almost all of the existing items from the game’s original store, like the pet bundles and the packs themed to each of the DLC maps, remain available in the store. Crewmates can also use the premium currency to grab most of the new Cosmicube packs, which let players go through progression trees to earn cosmetic items for their tiny space person.

Innersloth also added a cross-platform account linking service to the November update so players’ items, currencies, and progress carry over between platforms. At the update’s launch, the feature has support for each of the game’s platforms except for the Nintendo Switch, which is planned to receive the functionality at a later date.