What is the current rank distribution in Overwatch 2?

What group do you fall in?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When playing Competitive Mode in Overwatch 2, players tend to care about one thing, and one thing only, their rank. This is a way to know where you stand amongst other players and how high on the ranked ladder you have climbed that season. This is denoted by your Skill Tier and Skill Division, for example, Gold III or Silver IV. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t do a good job of showing you your overall placement amongst other players. The only ones that see a leaderboard are the Top 500. So, where do you fit in the current rank distribution in Overwatch 2?

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What is the rank distribution in Overwatch 2?

Unfortunately, as of this writing, Blizzard has yet to reveal a detailed look at the rank distributions of Overwatch 2. That being said, we can use some public information to make reasonable guesses about what things look like.

For starters, in 2018, Blizzard revealed the following numbers for how many people were in each rank in Overwatch 1. They are as follows:

  • Bronze – 8%
  • Silver – 21%
  • Gold – 32%
  • Platinum – 25%
  • Diamond – 10%
  • Master – 3%
  • Grandmaster – 1%

However, a lot happens over a few years, and we have Overwatch 2 now. Since that last report, the MMR system has received some changes, which are outlined in a developer blog. The important bit we want to look at here, is the below table. This table shows players’ Quick Play MMRs, which are separate from their overall Competitive rank, but they can give us a slight hint as to where most people lie.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If we take the information from that past report and apply it to the table here, we can get a slight estimation of where the ranks lie. Of course, we also need to account for the many new players that Overwatch 2 has, which likely will skew our estimates quite a bit. With that in mind, we will be lowering the area with the vast majority of players to be somewhere between Silver I and Gold I.

Table by Blizzard Entertainment, Rank estimates given by Gamepur

Keep in mind that our edited table on the bottom is not officially where the rank distribution is. Until Blizzard come out and officially announce where everyone stands, we can only take guesses at this point and they probably won’t do that for a while since they are adjusting how their internal system works. If our guesses are anywhere close to being accurate, the influx of players into Overwatch 2 will highly weigh down the rank distribution so the majority is in the high Silver, Low Gold range. This, in turn, makes Platinum and Diamond more exclusive ground than they were in the first Overwatch.

If Blizzard ever reveals official numbers on Overwatch 2 rank distribution, we will update this article.