What is the exact release time of the Halo Infinite campaign?

Well past midnight.

Image via Xbox

Halo Infinite will release on December 8, but it won’t be available until later in the day. 343 Industries posted a regional map with the exact times the campaign will unlock, and for some regions, it’s much later than expected. Times have definitely changed from when games hit store shelves at midnight and lines of people with tents and chairs filled sidewalks.

Halo Infinite has officially gone gold and to celebrate, the team released the Halo Infinite campaign release times map on social media. The image lists various timezones of when the game will be available to play across the world. The times are surprising as many show it releasing rather late on the eighth and even have it coming out on the ninth in some parts of the world. You’ll find the complete list of times below.

Halo Infinite Release Times

  • Seattle: 10 AM PT
  • New York: 1 PM ET
  • Mexico City: 12 CT
  • São Paulo: 3 PM BRT
  • London: 8 PM GMT
  • Moscow: 9 PM MSK
  • Berlin: 7 PM CET
  • Riyadh: 9 AM AST (December 9)
  • New Delhi: 11:30 PM IST
  • Tokyo: 7 PM CET
  • Hong Kong: 2 AM CET
  • Auckland: 7 PM CET
  • Sydney: 7 PM CET