What is the Favorite Thing field for in Stardew Valley? Answered

Your favorite thing is meaningless.

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Stardew Valley is a game that lets you take care of almost every facet of your time in the game. When creating your character, you will customize them to your specifications, but there is an odd inclusion in this process that may have you scratching your head. What exactly is the Favorite Thing field for in Stardew Valley?

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What does the player’s Favorite Thing do in Stardew Valley?

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When you start a new game in Stardew Valley, you will create your new character. You customize their look, choose to have a cat or dog, name their new farm, and enter their Favorite Thing. This is an odd inclusion for a character creator focused on moving to a new location and starting life on a farm. It has you fill the field in yourself, so you can write whatever gibberish you want if you can’t think of anything. There is no hint what it is for.

It turns out the Favorite Thing box really doesn’t amount to much. As you progress in the game, you will come across Stardrops, a fruit that will increase your energy when you eat them. When consumed, text will appear referencing the Favorite Thing you wrote during the character creator process. It’s supposed to be a way to show that the taste of the fruit is so good that it reminds your character of the thing they love the most in the world.

Obviously, this has no big impact on the game overall. You could write something that makes absolutely no sense and eating a Stardrop will remind them of that nonsense. If you decide to put ConcernedApe, the name of the developer, the game will thank you for them being your favorite. If you put Stardew as your Favorite Thing, you will feel a connection to the valley.