What is the Final Boss of Elden Ring? Final boss spoilers

Brandish the Elden Ring.

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Do not read further if you don’t want to know the final boss of Elden Ring. Their name and story are mentioned here.

With the Erdtree burning and the city of Leyndell lying in ashes, it’s time to take the throne. Barring the way are a pair of bosses who will do everything they can to keep the Tarnished from assuming the mantle of Elden Lord.

The final boss fight of Elden Ring is split into two phases. First, players will take on Radagon of the Golden Order, a ruined figure containing what remains of the Elden Ring. The fight is challenging but not nearly as much as other endgame challenges. With the hammer that shattered the Elden Ring, he fights to keep Tarnished from the true final encounter with the Elden Beast.

A direct vassal of the Greater Will and Order incarnate, the Elden Beast lives in another dimension at the base of the Erdtree and appears as an insubstantial, alien creature of immense size. Armed with the full power of the Elden Ring and everything it represents, its attacks are slow but powerful, with a massive health pool and plenty of room to maneuver around its arena.

Defeating both bosses awards the God Felled message, 500,000 Runes, and the ability to enter New Game Plus. Players can return also gain Remembrances to use at the Finger Reader to make Radagon’s hammer and the Elden Beast’s sword, as well as spells related to their powers.