What is the Game Director in Back 4 Blood?

I could have sworn there was a health pack the last time I came through!

A game’s replayability is a crucial factor many development teams look into. What about a game that makes players want to continually come back to that experience even though they have already played it so often? With Left 4 Dead, the AI Director was the key. In Back 4 Blood, it is up to the Game Director to be the successor to the AI Director. Here is what you need to know about the Game Director in Back 4 Blood.

The Game Director in Back 4 Blood is how the game will change the experience you have while fighting the Ridden. Every time you play through a mission, aspects of the world around, you will be different. Enemies will spawn in other locations at different times, and items will change each time you pass through an area. This makes it so you can’t memorize everything about a map and take a stroll down easy street.

In the Closed Alpha Briefing video, we are told the Game Director also affects modifiers, the overall environment, and more. We will come back and update this article once we have more information on how the Game Director will switch up a mission in Back 4 Blood.