What is the Card System in Back 4 Blood?

But are the Ridden good at Texas Hold’em?

On the surface, Back 4 Blood appears to be a successor to Left 4 Dead and merely only that. That being said, Turtle Rock Studios have slipped in a brand new way to alter gameplay that will only add to the customization each player can have during a game. Called The Card System, these cards will be played by both players and the Game Director to change the typical survival experience. Here is what you need to know about The Card System in Back 4 Blood.

Corruption Cards

When a mission starts in Back 4 Blood, the Game Director will play a Corruption Card. These are used to make the game more difficult for the cleaners. The examples given to us were that Corruption Cards could make larger hordes of enemies spawn in, make ammo harder to find, or generate a fog around the world, making it easier to get separated from your teammates and more challenging to save in the process.

Player Cards

Players will play their own cards to help both them and their teammates out in the mission ahead. From the looks of things, up to eight cards per player can be active at a time, but we would wager these come on a one-time usage fee, so you may want to choose your card choices carefully. In the Closed Alpha Briefing video, we were shown an early look at multiple cards, including breaking out of a grab on your own one time, getting more damage when a teammate goes down, and quite a lot more. Below are a few screenshots showing them.

Via Turtle Rock Studios
Via Turtle Rock Studios
Via Turtle Rock Studios

How to get cards?

You earn cards by completing challenges and objectives. No other information has been given as of this moment, so we will update this article when more information is available on whether there will be a store for cards, their randomness, and more.