What is the Giorno theme song ID in Roblox? Answered

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There isn’t anything more epic than playing Giorno Giovanna’s theme song whenever you do something cool in Roblox. Regarded as one of the best songs (and drops) in modern music history, you just have to get that Boombox out and play some Jojo tunes. There is no better song in the world that you can play in the background when you own someone than this one. Luckily, we compiled all the working ID codes for many versions of Jojo‘s Giorno Giovanna’s theme song, so you can choose the one you like the most.

Giorno’s theme music ID codes

To use the theme in Roblox, you will first need to either buy a Boombox in the game you’re playing or access the radio. Every game is different, as some offer the Boombox for free, and some add it to their special Pass. There are over two million possible songs you can choose from once you get the option of putting music on, but you have to know the code IDs beforehand.

Giorno Giovanna’s theme is probably one of the best songs in Roblox, so you can’t miss out on it. Since there are many remixes and versions of Giorno’s theme that have come out over these years, we have decided to list them all here. You can also use the one that fits your vibe the most:

Giorno’s Theme4340285087
Giorno’s Theme (Jay D Remix)3633767782
Giorno’s Theme – Seventh Sage3481175850
Giorno’s Theme Halloween Remix by JoRo5762776962
Giorno’s Theme Orchestral5855454047
Golden Sins (Megalovania x Giorno’s Theme)5996004014
Giorno’s Theme (ULTRA EPIC VERSION)6227807967

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There are many moments during your Roblox playthrough in which you can use this song. Some would say that even just spamming it around the lobby can be a great way to hype everyone up.