What is the Impaling Enchantment in Minecraft and how to get it

Grab your Tridents!

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We love enchantments in Minecraft. They are a great way to make you more powerful and help you survive the harsh mobs you will encounter on your adventures. Every now and then, you may come across an Enchantment Book with an enchantment you have not heard of and can not find the item to apply it to. If you have encountered the Impaling enchantment and need more information on it, here is everything you need to know.

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What is the Impaling enchantment in Minecraft?

Impaling is an enchantment that can only be applied to Tridents. As you would in real life, the Trident is used for impaling sea creatures, so this enchantment adds 2.5 damage per level onto that weapon, but that damage is only applied when the targeted mob or player is in contact with water. This can be swimming in a body of water, climbing a waterfall, or walking around the world when it is raining. If you are exploring an Underwater Temple, this is one of the most recommended weapons to have with you for taking out Guardians.

How to get the Impaling enchantment in Minecraft?

To get the Impaling enchantment, you will need to get an Impaling Enchantment Book. Our recommended way of finding Enchantment Books is to go fishing for them with a Luck of the Sea enchanted Fishing Rod. When you have the book, put both that and the Trident on an Anvil and spend some Experience to enchant it.

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Additionally, you can take a chance to use an Enchantment Table, but that method will be up to chance for what power-ups you get. Spend some Lapis Lazuli on a Book here and you can change it to an Enchantment Book. To get a Trident, you will want to go into water areas and kill Drowned. They have a chance to drop one, but it is not guaranteed.