What is the Locker Code in Silent Hill: The Short Message?

While Silent Hill: The Short Message is short on puzzles, there’s one that all players will struggle with until the figure out the code.

locker code puzzle silent hill the short messge featued image

Screenshot by Gamepur

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During the January 2024 State of Play event, Sony and Konami shadow dropped Silent Hill: The Short Message. This free-to-play horror title is a fascinating entry in the series and represents a bold change from previous entries, but not with its puzzles.

Survival horror games keep players on their toes with limited supplies, tough-to-master controls, and puzzles. Silent Hill: The Short Message is no different, forcing players to flee from a terrifying foe and solve puzzles that can be quite taxing for those who don’t understand how they work. One such puzzle is the locker code players must find, and it’s possible players will stop playing once they get to this point because the solution is so unclear.

How Do You Find the Locker Code in Silent Hill: The Short Message?

liar desk in silent hill the short messsage
Screenshot by Gamepur

To find the locker code in Silent Hill: The Short Message, which is 0312, players must look at the desk to see the word “liar” and then find four numbers on the wall and ceiling around the hallway. The numbers are each a different color that relates to where they appear in the word “liar,” which will give players the sequence for those numbers in the code.

numbers in silent hill the short message
Screenshot by Gamepur

To open the locker, you’ll need to match colors to numbers. For example, our word ordered the colors from left to right: black, red, yellow, and blue. This means that the numbers we could see needed to be ordered as: 0,3,1,2. While this was the code for us, we can’t confirm if this is a randomized puzzle for all players. If this code doesn’t work, players will need to use the method we’ve outlined to work out what their code is.

HXLOCK with locker code silent hill the short message
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once players have input the code, they’ll be able to read the note inside it. This reveals a lot about the game’s story that players might not have been expecting. There are more twists and turns to come, though. The very next encounter is another boss battle against the petal monster.

Players will need to bait the monster away from its corridor so they can get past it. This is the first time this mechanic is introduced, and it will be essential in the next encounter with it as well since it guards the exits. If players can see past the fact that the game borrows heavily from P.T. and was clearly ready in 2022 when it first leaked but was delayed for an unknown reason, then they’ll have fun with the next hour or so of gameplay.