Previously leaked Silent Hill: The Short Message gets rated in Taiwan and Korea

Another Silent Hill game?

Image via Konami

Silent Hill: The Short Message was one of the many Silent Hill titles that were leaked back in September by the Korean Rating and Administration Committee, but the title wasn’t one of the new Silent Hill games announced during Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission digital event in October. Fans wondered if Short Message was quietly canceled or evolved into one of the new Silent Hill projects revealed in the Transmission. However, it seems as if Short Message still lives, as a rating for the PlayStation 5 version of the game was leaked through the Taiwanese rating system.

The Taiwan rating shared a basic plot summary of Short Message and featured an official image. Gematsu provided the official image plus a translation of the basic plot summary. The official image looks identical to the leaked photos shared early in the year for an unnamed Silent Hill game. The photo shows ominous papers sticking on the wall in a red-tilted room. Previous revealed leaked images showed multiple areas with strange papers lying everywhere, with one photo showing a person’s face being peeled away like paper. The official image also has the official logo for Silent Hill: Short Message.

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The setup for Short Message is about a woman named Anita who goes inside an abandoned apartment to find her friend Maya. She ends up being trapped inside the apartment and comes across strange monsters. The story of Short Message is very reminiscent of Silent Hill 4: The Room, where Henry Townshend becomes trapped in his own apartment room. The Tawain rating only reads that Short Message is coming to the PlayStation 5, which isn’t surprising because several upcoming Silent Hill games will be PlayStation exclusive, including the Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Interestingly, Short Message was not announced during the Silent Hill Transmission, and it appears to be further along than some of the other titles announced. Other projects revealed during the Transmission include a new title co-produced with Annapurna Interactive called Silent Hill: Townfall, an interactive streaming experience named Silent Hill: Ascension, a brand new game that takes place in 1960s Japan labeled Silent Hill F, a new movie called Return to Silent Hill, and the Silent Hill 2 Remake.