What is the max character level in Minecraft Dungeons?

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Minecraft Dungeons Release

Image via Mojang

There are two different levels that matter while playing Minecraft Dungeon. You have your gear power level, which is the average power level of all the items equipped to your character, including their artifacts. You then have your character’s level. Each time you level up you gain an additional enchantment point, and your maximum level increases.

Your max level in the game steadily goes up as you take down more enemies and gain experience points. It does not equate or assist in your character’s gear power. But having a higher level does give you access to more enchantment points, which are incredibly important to ensure you can take advantage of every useful tool a piece of equipment can give you.

The achievements in Minecraft Dungeons gives us a small hint to what the maximum level is. There are three achievements for leveling up. There are for reaching level 10, 25, and 50. However, the maximum number of enchantments you can use in the game equals 54 if you do common enchantments. Although, the more powerful enchantments cost two points per level.

Each piece of equipment can hold up to three enchantment points, and it takes a total of six enchantment points to reach a tier-three for an enchantment. Because you don’t receive an enchantment point until level two, many believe the max level in Minecraft Dungeons is 55, but you can exceed it. The highest level in the game could be higher if you can have powerful enchantments for every piece of equipment. If each piece of equipment can have a powerful enchantment, then the total could reach closer to 80. We’re still working our way through the game, and we’ll update this information as we progress through it.

Even if we reach the highest level in the base game, Minecraft Dungeons will have additional DLC packs released in the future, at least two are planned following the game’s release. The new content will drive the level cap even higher, unlocking new equipment and maybe more enchantment points.