What is the Nintendo Switch Pro release date?

Nintendo Switch Pro console is reportedly coming in Q1 2021

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The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular and practical consoles of its generation. The ability to move from playing on a television screen to enjoying games in bed is incredible. Rumors about different Nintendo Switch consoles have often appeared, but now one of those may come to fruition.

When is a Nintendo Switch Pro coming?

According to the report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, a new Nintendo Switch model is scheduled to begin production soon and release early in Q1 2021. The report claims it will be more interactive and have a better display.

Bloomberg is also backing the report and adds that the specification of this upgraded Switch model is yet to be finalized, but sources close to the publication reveal that Nintendo is looking to including more computing power and 4K high-definition graphics.

Details that back up the report

In a January 2020 earnings call, the president of Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawa stated that a new version of the Switch is not expected to release by the end of the year. Note that he never said a new version of the Switch is not coming at all.

VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, known for sharing details regarding upcoming game industry events, tweeted a prediction on a new Nintendo event before August ends. Further tweets give a date of August 28, 2020. Due to it being a Friday, Jeff feels a big announcement is coming but asks his followers to proceed with caution regarding expectations. If a big reveal is made, it could very well be that of the Nintendo Switch Pro console.