What is the release date for Deathloop?

Another game’s launch affected by the pandemic.

With the Dishonored franchise seeming to have come to an end, all eyes are on Arkane Studios’ next IP, Deathloop. Although the first-person 60’s-inspired shooter holds many of the same visual aesthetics and gameplay features as Dishonored, the biggest selling point is that its Arkane’s first next-generation title. So far, it’s confirmed these next-gen consoles will come in Fall 2020. Though, Deathloop seems to be circling a new release date beyond the launches of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

via Twitter

Arkane has announced on Twitter that the new IP would be pushed back to the second quarter of 2021, a release window between next April and June. Though, the delay isn’t due to any major issues in development, according to the French developer. Rather, COVID-19 is to blame for another next-gen game delay, as the post declares “the health and safety of everyone at Arkane Lyon remains our top priority.”

Originally, at E3 2019, Bethesda announced the title would be slated for late 2020. It isn’t a major setback, but may be problematic for some Xbox users. As a timed-exclusive for PlayStation 5 and PC, it’s possible Deathloop doesn’t see a release on Xbox Series X until at least 2022. Fans of the studio should expect more details on this in the near future, as another update is said to be coming soon.