What is the release date of Chamber in Valorant?

Guess the chamber was empty.

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Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has recently announced the newest agent for team-based FPS Valorant, who goes by the name of Chamber. We’ve had a few sneak peeks at his gameplay, which seems geared toward players who want to play aggressively. He can place traps to slow down other players, place teleport anchors between two points on the battlefield, and summon a custom sniper rifle that can kill any enemy on a hit and slows down surrounding enemies, making them easier to pick off. Chamber looks like a fun mix of playstyles, so they will appeal to a lot of players.

We know what Chamber is capable of doing, but when does the new agent become available for players? That is a bit more complicated. He was meant to join the Valorant roster on November 2 when Episode 3 Act 3 launched. However, the new agent’s arrival has had to be delayed. While the rest of the content still went live on November 2, Chamber’s arrival has been pushed back.

According to the official Valorant website, which has a breakdown of all the content players can expect from the new episode, Chamber should arrive on November 16. There is no word on why the delay came about, but at least it seems to be a short one.