What is the release date of Hitman Trilogy?

How soon can you get all three games in one place?


Image via IO Interactive

Hitman Trilogy was announced early in 2022, and fans won’t have to wait much longer past the announcement to get their hands on it. The package was a surprise to many given that it combines all three games in the Hitman reboot trilogy. Previously, the titles had launched individually, with Hitman 2016 releasing episodically over several months. Soon, it’ll all come together in one massive, assassination-filled package. This guide explains when and how you can get your hands on Hitman Trilogy.

One week later

Image via IO Interactive

Hitman Trilogy launches on January 20 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, the Epic Game Store, and Steam. It will also release on Xbox Game Pass at launch, meaning all subscribers can download the trilogy at no additional cost.

Hitman Trilogy combines Hitman 2016, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3 into a single package. It’s not been confirmed if Hitman Trilogy contains all the DLC released so far for the games, meaning that you may need to purchase additional missions, Escalations, and item packs to experience everything the World of Assassination has to offer.

All three games have been upgraded with the technology used in Hitman 3. This allows you to play through older locations with the technical advantages that Hitman 3 pioneered, such as crowd stealth and VR, the latter of which is available on both PSVR and PC.