What is the release date of Sifu?

The game has been delayed.


Image via Sloclap

Sifu was first introduced in early 2021, during Sony’s February State of Play presentation. It is the new game from Sloclap, the studio behind Absolver. Unlike many other fighting games and beat-em-ups, Sifu uses a more grounded take on combat, with an emphasis on countering and timing versus memorizing long combo strings. The visuals are striking and invoke a more comic book feel instead of striving for hyper-realism or an anime style.

The July State of Play presentation showcased even more gameplay in a teaser trailer, which focused on the aging protagonist as he goes from age 40 to 54. As his age increases, it’s shown how he continues to fight a wide variety of enemies, some of who are annihilated by the older fighter while others do surprisingly well against him. The venues range from nightclubs, kitchens, museums, and more. And interestingly enough, the protagonist can even use weapons, such as a baseball bat.

The biggest mystery has been, however, what is the release date of Sifu? The new trailer reveals that Sifu, which was assumed to release in 2021, will launch sometime in 2022, though no exact date has been revealed. We also know that the title will be coming to both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

According to an official Twitter post from the Sloclap, the game has been delayed to prevent both a downgrade in quality and crunch: