What is the Smite Pro League roster for Season 8?

The Smite Pro League players and their teams.

Image via Hi-Rez

The Smite Pro League officially starts on April 23 for Season 8. For those interested, and players keen on joining the many teams playing in the Smite Pro League, the free agency period ended on January 29.

Right now, fans are eagerly awaiting to hear about new team names, who will be playing on those teams. But before the official release, the Hi-Rez appeared to leak the information online. Redditors already acquired the information and had it posted. Here’s what the teams look like.

Valhalla Valkryies:

Guardian: Iraffer

Hunter: emilitoo

Jungle: Dzoni

Mid: Zyrhoes

Solo: Duck3y

Olympus Bolts:

Guardian: Awesomejake408


Jungle: Lasbra

Mid: Venenu

Solo: Haddix

Tartarus Titans:

Guardian: Aror

Hunter: Cyclonespin

Jungle: ScaryD

Mid: Paul

Solo: Benji

Camelot Kings:

Guardian: Genetics

Hunter: Netroid

Jungle: Captaintwig

Mid: BigManTingz

Solo: Variety

Solar Scarabs:

Guardian: Inbowned

Hunter: Zapman

Jungle: Layers

Mid: Oboronic

Solo: SoloorTroll

Jade Dragons:

Guadian: PBM

Hunter: Pandacat

Jungle: sam4soccer2

Mid: Hurriwind

Solo: Fineokay

Oni Warriors:

Guardian: NeilMah

Hunter: Vote

Jungle: Qvofred

Mid: Dardez

Solo: Nika

Atlantis Leviathans:

Guardian: Ronngyu

Hunter: Jarcorr

Jungle: Pantiom

Mid: Sheento

Solo: Julio

These teams will face off against each other starting on April 23. There will be three phases to Smite’s Pro League, each lasting eight weeks. At the end of every phase, the six largest teams will be competing to see who comes out on top. At the end of the year, the teams with the most points will attend Smite’s World Championship competition,