What is the start date for Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space in Pokemon Go?

The second part of the Ultra Unlock event series.

Image via Niantic

With the end of Pokémon Go Fest 2021, the players participating in this event completed all of the Global Challenges that came with receiving all three tiers of the Ultra Unlock event in Pokémon Go. The event is separated into three events, each with its own theme and bonuses. For Ultra Unlock Part 2, it’s an event all about space, and Pokémon from all over the world will be appearing in locations that they should not. This means Pokémon traditionally spawning in Europe could appear in North America. Unfortunately, you’ll have limited time to participate in the event. What is the start date for Ultra Unlock Part 2 in Pokémon Go?

The event goes live on August 6 at 10 AM and ends on August 17 at 8 PM in your local time zone. The event kicks off a few days after Ultra Unlock Part 1 ends on August 3. It gives players a few days to take a small break between these two, giving everyone the chance to earn more items to capture a new wave of Pokémon and stock up any raid passes they want to save for Palkia, the legendary Pokémon appearing in five-star raids for the event.

Like Dialga, Palkia’s five-star raids will introduce this Pokémon’s shiny version, giving players the chance to capture this rare Pokémon. However, Palkia has only appeared in a handful of raids, and while Dialga is considered stronger than Palkia, these two are pretty close to one another. If you don’t capture a Dialga that you feel can compete in the Master League, having a powerful Palkia can make up for it.

While Palkia will be the main event for Ultra Unlock Part 2, several Pokémon you want to capture in the wild. In addition, Heracross’ shiny version is releasing for everyone and will be available moving forward in the game. Unown U, West Sea and East Sea Shellos, Elgyem, and Espurr will be in one-star raids. Alakazam, Kangaskhan, and Heracross will be in three-star raids. Heatmor, Durant, Red-striped, and Blue-striped Basculin appear in the wild and 7km eggs. Many of these Pokémon are typically restricted to spawning in a particular region, but they’re going to be appearing worldwide for everyone.

The Ultra Unlock events are free to all players in Pokémon Go, so make sure to participate when you can, starting on August 6 at 10 AM in your local timezone.