What is the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 release date?

Return to the Forbidden Reach.

Image via Activision Blizzard

Blizzard has been reliably consistent with their plans for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight lately. The developers provided a roadmap back in December to give players an idea of what to expect this year, and they seem to be sticking to it like glue. Patch 10.0.7 is not considered a major patch for the MMO, but it actually provides a ton of new content to keep you busy before Patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion. Let’s discuss when you can play patch 10.0.7 in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

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When will Patch 10.0.7 be released in WoW: Dragonflight?

Patch 10.0.7 is officially launching on March 21. The core of the content launch revolves around players returning to the Dracthyr starting zone, The Forbidden Reach, to seek out answers about the Dracthyr Evokers and their history within the island. Players will journey to the hub of Morqut Islet, and can choose between the different factions of the Dragon Isles for bonus reputation while completing objectives to earn new rewards.

Hidden in the Forbidden Reach is the Zskera Vault, a randomized treasure room where players can solve puzzles and defeat enemies to progress in a weekly solo experience. As you make it further into the vault, you will unlock a ring reward that lets you infuse powerful Primordial Stones into it for additional powerful perks.

The Mega-Storm event will also impact the Forbidden Reach, providing a way to obtain catch-up gear for players just jumping into the Dragonflight expansion. There are also unique mounts and unlockables for those who don’t need the gear. Fans can also partake in new Dragonriding races and discover new glyphs to unlock new abilities for their dragon mounts.

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Patch 10.0.7 also comes with a huge class tuning pass, including a rework of Retribution Paladins and some shuffling of many specialization talent trees. Rounding out the package is the return of Heritage armor with the addition of Orc and Human heritage quests. Blizzard is really listening to feedback and making adjustments, and Patch 10.0.7’s content is impressive for being such a minor patch.