What school does Dean go to in As Dusk Falls?

Time for Jay to join school again.


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As Dusk Falls is a game that will have you thinking on your feet occasionally. While most of the time you can just make moves off of your gut feeling, you will need to pay attention to your surroundings as well. This will happen in Book Two when Jay passes out in the forest, meets Vanessa, and tells her his name is Dean. When her father comes home, he will question you to see if he can trust you. Here is what to answer when he asks about the school you go to.

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What school should you tell Vanessa’s dad you go to in As Dusk Falls?

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When Vanessa’s dad comes home from work early, he does not take kindly to having a stranger in his house after the hostage situation at the motel. He will begin asking Jay questions, most importantly, which school is it that you go to? Jay, posing as Dean, will have multiple answers, with only one being the right answer.

If you paid attention when first waking up in their living room, there is a letter that you can look at on the bookshelf from the dean of Vanessa’s school talking about her bad behavior at school. Looking at the heading for the letter will reveal that she goes to Bridgeley Catholic School. Answer this to get him off your back a little bit.

While this does stop the questioning by fooling the dad that you are from her school, this does not have large-reaching effects on the overall outcome of the game. Regardless of what happens, he will eventually find out that you are one of the Holts from the hostage situation and call the authorities to pursue you. This decision only determines how awkward the situation is in the house when you first meet him.