What time does the Cindered Shadows DLC release for Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

When can you play the new campaign?

Cindered Shadows

The Cindered Shadows DLC, or Wave 4, for Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches today, and people are curious to know when it will be available to download. The Cindered Shadows DLC will feature a whole new campaign you can play, and the members of the Ashen Wolves will be joining the Monastery hi-jinks we all know and love.

We would normally expect new content to become available when the Nintendo eShop resets each day at noon, Eastern time. unfortunately, it looks like we will be in for a longer wait to get our hands on Cindered Shadows. While Nintendo has not confirmed a release time for the game, they did give the date as Feb. 12 in North America, and Feb. 13 in Europe and Japan, which usually means it will be releasing at a strange time for the European market.

Looking at the release time for other DLC from some of Nintendo’s biggest games would indicate a very late European release, but a more reasonable time for the US market. DLCs tend to release at the following times, as they are released at the same time all around the world:

  • UK – 2 am GMT Feb. 13
  • Europe – 3 am CEST Feb. 13
  • East US – 9 pm EDT Feb. 12
  • West US – 6 pm PDT Feb. 12

Once again, Nintendo has not given an official time for the release, so the best thing to do is keep an eye on the eShop. If you have already purchased the Season Pass, then the Cindered Shadows DLC is included in the price, and you should get a notification on your Switch when the content is available to download.

Remember, while the Cindered Shadows DLC contains a campaign that you play separately to the main game, you can still recruit the Ashen Wolves in your other playthroughs of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.