What time is the Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals live event?

Curtain call.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2: Beyond Light begins tomorrow, but that Season of Arrivals is not over just yet. Bungie appears to have a small in-game event planned before the server maintenance starts to knock the game offline for about 14 hours.

While details are pretty thin, and there is a bit of confusion about what exactly the event is, we do know this much. The event itself was confirmed by Luke Smith, who mentioned a small event to close out on the Season on Twitter.

We also know that the servers are being turned off for maintenance at 10 PM ET, and a small patch is arriving in the game at 7 PM ET. This small patch is likely to contain the relevant files and data for the event, and it seems Bungie didn’t want people digging around in their code to spoil the event in any way.

So, at the moment, if you are in the Tower between 7 PM ET and 10 PM ET, you should get to see whatever the event is.

We would strongly advise you to keep an eye on Luke Smith’s Twitter, as it is likely that he will tweet out some warnings about when the event will go live. We also wouldn’t expect too much, as this seems like it will just be a small affair.

The real fireworks hit the game tomorrow when the servers come back online for Beyond Light. Check back with us then for all manner of guides, walkthroughs, and useful information about Destiny 2’s new system, mechanics, and content.