What to do at the accident site in Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir

Avoid confusion.

Image via Nintendo

Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir opens up with our protagonist having just survived a nasty fall. He is rescued by a man called Amachi, but cannot remember anything due to head trauma sustained in the fall from a cliff.

The first thing to do is return to the site of accident and try to job our memory a little. Speak with Amachi, then select the Travel option to head to the accident site.

When you get the accident site, select the Look/Examine option. If you pick the “Accident Site” option, you won;t really learn any new information but you will hear a feint voice on the wind. Select the Talk option and a new character will appear at the top of the cliff. She appears to be waving an calling out to you.

After that, select Look/Examine again, then Where to bring up a small magnifying class icon. Click on the girl to focus on here and get a Travel option to go and speak with her.

It turns out the girl was worried about you, and knows you are are. You can speak with here for a while and then return to her office to talk someone more. Just keep talking to the character to progress through her dialogue, there is nothing particularly tricking about this portion.

Once again, when you get to the Accident Site, take the following actions:

  • Look/Examine Accident Site
  • Talk
  • Look/Examine then Where
  • Click on the girl