What to do with Small Keys in Resident Evil 4 remake

They might be small, but they are mighty.

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While exploring the dangerous map of the Resident Evil 4 remake, there are multiple resources that you can find as you make your way through the game. Small keys are one of the more precious resource items you can expect to encounter. These keys don’t have too much critical use in most gameplay situations, but they do serve the helpful purpose of unlocking specific objects, which typically means you can make more money in your playthrough. This guide covers how to use small keys and what they do in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

How you can use Small Keys in the Resident Evil 4 remake

The sole purpose of the small keys is the only way to unlock any locked drawer you find during your playthrough. These locked drawers typically contain treasures that you can add to your collection and then bring back to The Merchant who is willing to purchase them for a hefty price. These treasures vary in value. Regardless of the treasure you find inside the locked drawer, it’s going to be extremely helpful in ensuring you can purchase valuable items from The Merchant the more you play the game.

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You can find these small keys hidden throughout the game. They’re tricky to find, but they’re worthwhile to hold onto your inventory until you find another locked drawer. Then, all you have to do is approach the drawer, pick the small key you want to use, and then acquire the contents inside it. A limited number of these small keys are scattered throughout the map, so we encourage you to go out of your way to explore the off-the-beaten path to try and find them.

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If you pass by a small key but don’t pick it up, it should appear on your map as an icon. You can then backtrack to that location to pick it up. Thoroughly exploring the map and checking your progress is a good way to double-check you don’t miss critical items like this while playing the Resident Evil 4 remake.