How to beat the Moreau boss fight in Resident Evil Village

Fillet of fish.

Screenshot via Gamepur

Moreau is a massive, twisted fish monster that players will need to fight in Resident Evil Village. The fight takes place in a rancid old town that was formerly covered in water until players emptied it out to expose the boss.

There are a couple of important things provided by the town itself. First, there are many barrels filled with ammo and other goodies around the place. As you keep distance between you and Moreau, break these barrels and stock up on supplies.

The buildings will also provide cover. From time to time, Moreau will climb onto the roof and start to spit down a rain of acid on top of the town. You want to be under a roof when this happens, so always try and run towards an open building when the beast starts climbing.

When Moreau spits his acid bath down on the town, he can also build some green ooze walls to block you in, so make sure you destroy these as well. You don’t want to let Moreau cut off your lines of movement.

The last thing to watch out for are explosive red barrels that will do massive damage to Moreau if you can shoot them while he is close. Most of the damage you do to Moreau will be to his “true” human form which comes out of his giant fish mouth, so focus your fire on that area.

The main thing in this fight is to just keep moving backward while blasting Moreau. Pay attention to when he starts climbing and get to safety, and keep your ammo levels high with the supplies you can find in the town.