What to do with the Riis-Reborn Key Codes in Destiny 2

It’s ciomplicated.

Destiny 2

If you have been playing Destiny 2 you may have noticed a message on your screen telling you that you have the Riis-Reborn Key Codes. This is, rightly, causing some confusion for players who are not sure what it is, or what to do.

In this guide we will tell you everything we know about the Riis-Reborn Key Codes in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

How to get the Riss-Reborn Key Codes

You can get the codes by killing a yellowbar Fallen enemy in the Eventide Ruins on Europa. They are called Technorunner, and you can find them hiding out in buildings during storms in the area.

What to do with it

When you have the code, you need to go all the way back to where you witnessed Eramis bestowing Stasis powers on her followers during the campaign. This is a complex route, so if you need help, check out the video below. You can find the area you need to go to in Riis-Reborn Approach.

When you get there, drop down into a large hole you can find in the back of the area, and on the wall on the right side you will find a strange console. Interact with it quickly, before a powerful enemy has the chance to kill you.

After that, you need to head to Cadmus Reach, you will find a large Vex structure with a conflux you can interact with. You get teleported up to some platforms and need to solve what appears to be a random puzzle. There will be four circles on the platforms, and you need to emote on them to activate them.

At the moment, the order appears to be random, and it does seem that you need to kill some of the vex cubes that are firing lasers to activate the circles. It is hard to tell right now after only doing it once, but we will update this articles as soon as we know more.