What was the color of the Lost Envy in Nier Replicant? Answered

It’s all in the eyes.

Image via Square Enix

Nier Replicant throws quite a few gameplay curveballs your way throughout its story. While the game initially presents itself as a conventional 3D hack and slash action game, it also has arcade-like shoot ’em up segments and 2D platforming sections. In one area of the game — the Forest of Myth — the game even turns into a text adventure requiring you to answer questions correctly to progress.

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When visiting the Forest of Myth in the second half of the game, you’ll be asked to identify the color of the Lost Envy, which can be brown, green, or blue. Here’s which one it is.

The color of the Lost Envy

The Lost Envy’s color is randomized every time you begin talking to the Divine Tree during the second half of the game. Luckily, you can find the answer by reading one of the tree’s stories before it asks you about the envy. During the tree’s first story, it will describe a girl by pointing out her eye color — the color of her eyes is the color of the Lost Envy.

The exact line will read: “Only one person brings the boy comfort: a healthy young girl with tan skin and deep [brown/green/blue] eyes.”

How to get Memory Tree key fragment

When asked about the Lost Envy’s color, just choose whatever the color of the girl’s eyes. You’ll also want to pay attention to a key detail from one of the tree’s other stories, namely how many people were killed by the red-eyed beast. If you answer these two questions correctly, you’ll be asked to answer one more question, but this last one is pretty easy. Once all three questions are answered, you’ll obtain the Memory Tree key fragment.

Once you get the fragment, you’ll be on your way to finishing up Replicant’s story, but if you want to learn the full story, you’ll need to get all five endings. In addition to replaying many of the game’s boss fights, you’ll also have to collect every weapon in the game before being able to view endings C, D, or E.