When do Rick and Morty release in MultiVersus?

Rick and Morty will expand this popular crossover fighter… eventually.

Image via Warner Bros.

Anticipated to be the first unlockable DLC characters added to MultiVersus, Rick and Morty have both seen considerable delays to their release date. These setbacks have followed the sudden postponement of MultiVersus Season One, allowing Player First Games to get the game in a more stable state before adding more content to it. Fortunately, these characters have been given approximate release dates along with the upcoming season.

Rick and Morty release dates

Image via Warner Bros.

The MultiVersus team has made it clear that both Rick and Morty will be released separately, rather than pushed collectively in the same update. These updates are slated to begin with the start of Season One, which has since been pushed back to August 15.

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The first of the two to release will be Morty, who is expected to arrive shortly after the start of Season One on August 23. Rick, on the other hand, has yet to be given a particular date for his addition. We would expect him to come sometime during the first season, potentially as a mid-season addition. However, both characters are guaranteed to be included with the new content introduced in Season One.

While the when of Rick and Morty may still be up in the air, how you add them to your roster is crystal clear — each will individually cost 3,000 in-game coins to unlock. This places their price range at around $30 each, though you can bring that price down by earning the coins through in-game activities. The best way to rack up those coins quickly is by winning matches and making sure you’re completing daily missions consistently.