MultiVersus adding Ranked and Arcade modes in Season 1

Are you ready to climb the ranks?

Screenshot by Gamepur

MultiVersus revealed a snapshot of what to expect with Season 1, including a Classic Arcade and Ranked mode during EVO 2022.

Announced via the official Twitter account at the fighting game tournament EVO 2022, Player First Games shed new light on some of the content players can expect when Season 1 drops. While some details were known, the Arcade and Ranked modes were new reveals.

No details were shared about Arcade mode, however it is very likely going to be a gauntlet of bot battles of increasing difficulty. Ranked mode, on the other hand, is self explanatory, but a great addition for a game that has already been pushing itself as a competitive title.

Other items in the snapshot include new characters, with Rick and Morty highlighted, as well as a slew of new cosmetics. These include icons, banners, and character variants, including Le’Bron dressed as Robin and Bugs Bunny in a Valkyrie outfit. Player First Games already shared that the Season 1 battle pass will have 50 levels, so this is just a tip of the iceberg in terms of cosmetics.

MultiVersus Season 1 was recently delayed from early August, with the pre-season now going on until August 15. This announcement didn’t reveal when Season 1 will come, only stating that the date would be revealed “very soon.”

MultiVersus only just released from beta, but has already joined the ranks of top fighting games at EVO 2022. This announcement was made just before the top 8, where Nakat and Void would go on to be the first EVO champions for the title.