When does Season 1 of Fall Guys end?

Plenty of time to fall.

Fall Guys Season

Screengrab vis Devolver Digital

For a game like Fall Guys, where everything is a little less serious than your average battle royale title, the amount of customization content available is where it can really shine. The extra layers of personality come with the silliness in its outfits, gestures, and fall guy skins. 

Like all good modern multiplayer games with a battle royale mode, Fall Guys has its own version of a battle pass, broken down into seasons. Playing the game and progressing well in shows will earn you Fame points towards rewards in the season pass.

Each level will provide a reward to dress your fall guy, including color swaps, skin patterns, outfits that come in both lower and upper portions, emotes, and victory celebrations. There is also the occasional crown that you will receive. These are usually reserved for winners of a show and can be used for some of the more rare items in the shop.

The Season is free with any purchase of the game, and there is no premium path. Everyone who plays the game has access to the content without requiring a further purchase.

The seasons will be split up to allow players to continue coming back into the game and earn more rewards. Season one began with the release of the game and is due to finish on October 5 or 6, depending on your time zone. This gives players plenty of time to start playing the game and unlock most of the items in the season before season 2 begins.