When does the Lost Treasures Collection event release in Apex Legends?

A new limited time event is coming.

Screengrab via EA Play

TheĀ Apex LegendsĀ Lost Treasures Collection event, a limited-time event, gives you and your friends the chance to jump into a new game mode. During the event, you will be able to complete challenges and unlock new skins for your favorite Legend characters. The event starts on June 23, and there’s plenty of features coming alongside it.

The limited-time mode releasing with Lost Treasures Collection is Armed and Dangerous Evolved. You will only be able to find sniper and shotgun weapons on the map, limiting your arsenal, and you will only find Evo-shields available to protect yourself. The limited arsenal will force you and your friends to choose how you approach engagements against other players, making the gameplay far more decisive than a traditional game mode. Respawn beacons will also be unavailable during the match. However, you can still use mobile respawn beacons, an item every player has at the start of a game. You will also have a new map takeover location with Crypto’s Map Room.

You will earn exclusive cosmetic items for your favorite Legends by playing the Armed and Dangerous Evolve game mode, by yourself, or with your friends. It also comes with the introduction of Mirage’s new heirloom item, which is a trophy of himself. You will be able to earn Mirage’s heirloom item by obtaining Heirloom Shards.

Everything kicks off on the Tuesday reset of June 23. You expect the update to drop around 12 pm ET.