When does the PlayStation Stars loyalty program launch?

Know when you can start earning some new rewards.


Image via Sony

Sony’s PlayStation Stars loyalty program will reward PlayStation owners for completing challenges such as playing certain games, competing in tournaments, and even unlocking specific trophies. However, the program isn’t out just yet, which is why we’ve put together this guide to outline the release date for PlayStation Stars, so you know when you can start earning rewards for playing your favorite console.

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When is the start date of the PlayStation Stars loyalty program?

Image via PlayStation

At the time of writing, Sony hasn’t confirmed a release date for the PlayStation Stars loyalty program. However, in its announcement post on the PlayStation Blog, the company did explain that the program will be launching later in 2022. While this only cements the fact that the program will launch at some point before December 31, it does at least give us a release window in which to look forward to it.

What is the PlayStation Stars loyalty program?

Jim Ryan at CES
Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan; Image via Sony

The PlayStation Stars loyalty program is a free-to-join initiative that only those with a PlayStation console can sign up for. Once you’ve joined, you’ll be rewarded for playing games as you normally do with loyalty points that can be redeemed for digital collectibles and other prizes such as PSN Wallet top-ups. The full range of rewards hasn’t been revealed just yet.

Rewards can be earned by completing monthly campaigns that don’t require specific games. Instead, these campaigns are more about your activity as a player. However, there will be other rewards locked behind tournaments and very precise accomplishments, such as being the first person to earn the platinum trophy in a title in a brand new blockbuster title such as The Last Of Us Part 1. This last point will give trophy hunters even more of an incentive to play the biggest PlayStation games so they can be known as the first ones to earn the highest award possible from it.