When does the Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2 start and what events are there? Answered

A whole game inside a game.

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Guild Wars 2 has several festivals across the game, most of which are in line with real-world events. The last event that came to the game was the Lunar New Year event, which ended just before the expansion End of Dragons was released. The next event is Super Adventure Box, an event that takes players to a whole different world.

Super Adventure Box was launched as a part of the April Fools’ Day launch in 2013. It functions as an 8-bit mini-game within the actual game. Players looking to take part in the Super Adventure Box event must travel to the Asura home city of Rata Sum, the Hall of Monuments in the Eye of the North, or through an Invitation to the Super Adventure Festival. Once inside the zone, your character is placed in the Hub, allowing you to access one of the four worlds. You can also teleport back to Rata Sum from here.

Worlds and Events

Image via ArenaNet

The Super Adventure Box is a series of unique worlds. They are all divided into three different zones, and each has a bonus zone that can be unlocked. You can only progress to the next zone after fully completing the one you’re playing. The first and second zones have a Cage that you’ll have to face in the final boss battle, which involves mechanical dodges and beating it up with your equipped Super Adventure Box weapon. The third zones each have their own unique bosses who are much harder to fight than the Cage, and the bonus zone is only accessible through completing the third zone.

Players should note that their own weapons do not carry through with them to this game mode, and the currency used in these worlds is called Baubles. You can exchange your Baubles with Moto for various unique Super Adventure Box items. Starting with only two lives (though you can purchase more as needed), you will be teleported to the Game Over room, which will give you the option to use a Continue Coin. You can also use an Infinite Continue Coin.

There are three different modes that you can choose from:

  • Infantile: The Infantile Mode has a feature called Happy Clouds, which produces rainbow bridges to help the player. Enemies also drop more food, but rewards are limited per level, and you won’t get any baubles from digging spots
  •  Normal: The game’s standard version, with nothing too difficult or too easy.
  • Tribulation: This mode is incredibly difficult and throws players with all kinds of horrors such as booby traps, path restrictions, and pretty much everything trying to kill you all at once. The added benefit is the increased rewards you can receive, such as the King Toad’s and Storm Wizard’s Weapons. You can also hear a metal version of the usual background music played as a bonus feature.