When does the Ultra League start in Pokémon Go for Season One?

When can you start fighting in Pokémon Go’s Ultra league?

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go has three different battle league divisions: the Great League, Ultra League, and the Master League. Right now, we have the Great League happening, and it’s in full swing with trainers attempting to fight it out to reach the top of rank 10. When does the next league, Ultra, start for Pokémon Go‘s season one?

Each league in Pokémon Go lasts for two weeks. The Great League started on March 13 and will continue until March 27. When March 27 arrives, it will transition over to the Ultra League. The league transitions at 1:00pm PST, which is 9:00pm GMT. All trainers have until then to complete any of their Great league battles, attempt to turn in any rewards they earned and to prepare for the next division.

The Great League and Ultra League vary from one another, but the rewards will remain the same for the first season. Previously, in the Great League, trainers could only use Pokémon that reached 1,500 CP or lower. Any other Pokémon above this threshold did not qualify. For the Ultra League, trainers can use any Pokémon that do not exceed 2,500 CP, meaning more robust, diverse choices are available to fight. If you’ve had a favorite Pokémon that was too powerful in the Great League, prepare to bring them in the Ultra to unleash against your enemies.

The Ultra League will last for two weeks starting on March 27. It ends on April 10.

At the time of this writing, trainers do not need to walk to earn Battle League matches. Previously, they did, but with the near world-wide quarantine happening for COVID-19, all trainers have access to their battles whenever they want to start them, which provides five. This will continue until April 13. You will earn different rewards based on how many you win in a row, the most, and the best rewards being available for winning all five. For those looking for an Ultra league team recommendation, we have a handful available for you to browse and try out.