When Does WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Begin?

Prepare for a new way to enjoy WoW: Classic with Season of Discovery, with this guide to tell you when the new experience will be available to play.


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World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery is almost here, and with it comes a new way to expereince the world of Azeroth. With new mechanics, systems, and experiences, this version of the MMO looks to be the most out-of-the-box version of the game to date.

To ensure you know when the Season of Discovery goes live and know what to expect, we’ve put together this guide with all the details on when WoW Classic: Season of Discovery will begin.

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When Does World Of Warcraft Classic: Season Of Discovery Start?

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World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery begins on Thursday, November 30, at 1:00 PM PST. As for other time zones, we have listed them all below, so regardless of where you are, you will have the exact time you can jump into Season of Discovery. The launch times by timezone are as follows:

11.00 AMNovember 30Hawaii
1:00 PMNovember 30Pacific
2:00 PMNovember 30Mountain
3:00 PMNovember 30Central
4:00 PMNovember 30Eastern
5:00 PMNovember 30PEI
6:00 PMNovember 30Brazil, Argentina
9:00 PMNovember 30GMT
10:00 PMNovember 30CET
11:00 AMNovember 30EET
5:00 AMDecember 1 Perth
8:00 AMDecember 1Sydney
10:00 AMDecember 1Wellington

Season of Discovery will have fewer realms than Classic and Retail WoW, similar to the launch of WoW’s Hardcore servers, but they have been updated with new tech and ways to allow more players to be on a single realm. There are also measures in place to ensure servers are well-populated and evenly. On top of that, the team will be ready to add more realms and make changes if and when needed.

What To Expect From World Of Warcraft Classic: Season Of Discovery

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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery will be a very different expereince to the WoW Classic players have come to know and love. Described by some as “Classic+,” Season of Discovery will see players begin a new character and expereince a fresh way to enjoy the Classic gameplay style, with some new ideas thrown into the mix.

For starters, players will be encouraged to explore and find discoveries, which come about through quests, chests, and exploring to uncover secrets. Finding these will award your character with Runes, which plays into the big feature coming in Season of Discover: Rune Engraving.

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As you find these Runes, you can equip up to three onto your character, each providing you with new spells and abilities: some will be familiar, some might be brand new, and they all allow for new ways to expereince the game’s classes. Some examples the developers have mentioned involve allowing a class to take on new party roles previously unavailable to them, such as a rogue tank mage healer.

This season will also have a staggered leveling expereince, with the initial cap being 25 and increasing to 40, 50, and 60 in each phase. There will also be reworked and potentially new content coming in subsequent updates. For this first phase, players will be able to expereince a new version of the dungeon Blackfathom Deeps, which has been reworked into a 10-player raid. This includes new mechanics, challenges, and gear rewards and is the first of multiple additions to come, with potentially unfinished and unreleased content making its way into the season.

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Lastly, a PvP event in Ashenvale sees the region become a battlefield that players must conquer through attacking and defending camps and help take over the area, with a World Buff reward and Ashenvale exclusive mount to unlock.

It’s a very different experience, but one players are eager to try when the Season of Discovery begins this week, and it sounds like there will be plenty added over time to keep this season interesting for a long time.