Why can’t I unmute on Discord? How to fix Discord unmute error

Make sure everyone in the voice chat hears you.

Image via Discord

When you enter a voice channel on Discord, you might encounter a problem: you cannot unmute yourself while attempting to communicate in the chat. Everyone else could be talking, and you will find yourself unable to respond to any of them. Here’s what you need to know about why you can’t unmute yourself in Discord and how to fix this error.

How to unmute yourself in Discord

Voice Channel settings

Before attempting to fix anything on Discord, this might be happening because of the voice channel settings. Some Discord servers set up by someone may require you to enter their voice channel and force you to use the push-to-talk function. If you do not use the push-to-talk function on Discord, you cannot talk at all while in a channel.

We recommend going to your User Settings next to your profile and then scrolling down to Voice and Video underneath the Application Settings. Here, you can switch from Voice Activity to Push-to-Talk, and then you should be able to speak whenever you click your chosen Push-to-Talk key.

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Multiple applications

Alternatively, you might use another application to sync up with your microphone settings. Sometimes, services will attempt to prioritize Discord’s microphone, preventing you from unmuting yourself on this platform. You may want to close out these applications, or turn off the microphone settings, to use them on Discord.

Microphone issues

Another common issue is your headset is not plugged in properly or is not being picked up on Discord. If you do not have any microphone settings, Discord typically mutes you. We recommend shutting Discord down, messing with your microphone settings by unplugging and replugging them into your hardware, and then testing it out again when you launch Discord before returning to the call.

Discord Admin users

You may want to reach out to the Discord users in the channel you’re visiting and ask if they muted you. There could be several reasons they may have done this, and directly speaking with them about why you were muted is the next step after you’ve resolved all the other reasons.

There are several ways to get around unmuting yourself in Discord. The biggest problem could be with your microphone settings, and we recommend testing those out in other voice applications before looking into purchasing another headset for yourself.