When is Eula’s birthday in Genshin Impact?

Today is Eula’s birthday in Genshin Impact.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Genshin Impact, all the playable characters have a birthday that provides special rewards for travelers over the year. Eula, the reliable member of the Knights of Favonius, celebrates her birthday on October 25.

Eula will send you a birthday letter in-game, which contains a heartfelt message and some in-game rewards. You’ll get 1 Stormcrest Pie and 1 Guide to Resistance. The Stormcrest Pie is a food item that increases your team’s Shield Strength by 40% and DEF by 282 for 300s seconds. The Guide to Resistance is a talent level-up material that Eula uses.

Eula’s Birthday Letter

“Traditionally, birthday celebrations for the Lawrence Clan are occasions marked by a myriad of rules and rituals. We are also very selective with who we invite. It’s so troublesome, it makes you never want to have birthdays ever again.

But since I am no longer bound to such trifles, I no longer care for them. Right now, you’re the only one invited. Let’s forget about such trivialities and the status difference between the two of us. Think of me as just “Eula” for today.

We can go skiing in Dragonspine. The winter breeze can be biting but it is also refreshing.

Don’t forget to layer up, otherwise, I’ll have to wrap my cloak around you.

…And if that happens, I shall remember this grievance for the rest of my life.”