When is Keqing’s birthday in Genshin Impact?

Celebrate Keqing’s birthday today.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Genshin Impact, all the playable characters have a birthday that provides special rewards for travelers over the year. Keqing celebrates her birthday on November 20. The birthday mail contains a written letter by Keqing and some special rewards delivered by her. You’ll get 10 Qingxin and 1 Survival Grilled Fish.

Survival Grilled Fish are food items that restore 16% of max HP and an additional 1,350 HP to the selected character. You can claim both items by simply opening the game and checking your in-game mail.

Keqing’s birthday letter

I’ve put a few more hours in these last two days to finish all the work I might have in the near future.

Since it’s my birthday, I’ll show you around Liyue Harbor.

The night markets here are full of places to go. Between the shops that sell artisan handicrafts and those who hawk little gadgets and trinkets, even a light stroll is well worth your time.

I’ll change into more ordinary clothes, and disguise myself a little, so I don’t get recognized by the citizenry.

That way, we can spend some leisure time shopping together — just the two of us.