When is Pokémon Go’s July Community Day?

The Great Gastly is here.

Pokémon Go players have plenty to look forward to in July. Not only do they have to look forward to the Pokémon Go Fest 2020 on July 25 and 26, but the Community Day this month that features Gastly, the second winner of the community poll Pokémon Go fans chose. The fans had the chance at the end of May to pick the Pokémon who would have Community Days for June and July. While Weedle was the big winner and had its Community Day in June, Gastly arrived in second, and you can catch it on its July Community Day starting on July 19 from 11 am to 5 pm in your local time zone.

During the Community Day event, trainers from all over the world will be able to find Gastly spawning effortlessly. You can capture them back-to-back, increasing your chances of locating a higher-quality Gastly with the best stats, and the event increases the chance for all trainers to encounter a shiny variant. You need to then evolve Gastly to its final evolution, Gengar. If you can evolve fully evolve it before two hours after the event ends, your Gengar will know the Shadow Punch, a move it cannot traditionally learn. It needs to be a Gastly you caught from that day.

Alongside the event, any Pokémon Egg you place into an incubator will only require 1/4th of the traditional walking distance. It’s an excellent time to clean up all of the eggs in your inventory and hatch any of the larger 10-kilometer or 7-kilometer eggs you have in your inventory.

There’s a special Research Event called the Great Gastly that you can do while working on the July Community Day. It does cost $1 to have it, but the Community Day itself is free. These will be available at a later date, likely a week before the Community Day event goes live.

Be on the lookout for Gastly on July 19 to catch the best one to add Gengar to your Pokémon Go collection.