When Is The Season Of Dawn Release Date In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s Season of the Undying is drawing to a close. Guardians everywhere are finishing up their Battle Pass, getting their final Triumphs, and aimlessly driving Sparrow’s around waiting for something new to do.

While the Season of the Undying got off to a pretty solid start, the conclusion of the Vex Offensive was a bit of a letdown, so we hope that Bungie is going to step things up a little bit during Season of Dawn. But when does Season of Dawn release? Well good news, as Bungie has announced that Season of Dawn will be starting on Dec. 10.

At 10 AM Pacific, Dec. 4, Bungie will be hosting a Season of Dawn reveal on Twitch, Youtube, and Mixer. We will get to see plenty of the activities and action we will get to enjoy during Season of Dawn, and hopefully, they will drop a release date on us aswell. History tells us that we will see all kinds of Exotics, cosmetics, and a couple of sneaky peeks at any new enemy that will be coming our way.

The Season’s central location will be on Mercury, as Osiris gets in touch to let us know that help is needed dealing with the Cabal. In the same way that Season of the Undying centered around stopping the Vex in the Black Garden, it is safe to assume that Season of Dawn will have a couple of PvE activities set somewhere in the Destiny 2 universe as well. Bungie has also promised more time-traveling shenanigans.

This will be an exciting time for Bungie, as Season of the Undying was propped up by the release of Shadowkeep, and all the related content, but Season of Dawn will need to stand on its own two feet and fend for itself against crowds of content-hungry gamers. Now that Destiny 2 has moved into the realm of free-to-play, Season of Dawn might be a make or break moment for the fan-favorite game.