When is the Brotherhood of Steel returning to Fallout 76?

The Brotherhood of Steel is finally making an appearance in Fallout 76.

The Brotherhood of Steel is a staple of the Fallout universe. They appear in every game, except Fallout 76, where they are only mentioned as having been a part in events before the game began. Thanks to the roadmap posted on Bethesda’s Fallout blog, we know the Brotherhood of Steel returns to the game this winter. 

What is The Brotherhood of Steel?

The Brotherhood of Steel is referenced in Fallout 76. It appears in location-based storytelling devices, such as holotapes and notes. It, so far, has not made a physical appearance. The faction is neither good nor bad. Its role depends on the story and personal opinion. In the most recent Fallout game, they were fighting amongst each other. 

Briefly, the Brotherhood of Steel is a military and religious organization that developed as one of the first factions, and as a result, has a lot of influence. A self-serving organization, it cannot be classified as strictly good or bad, but acts in its best interest. 

When is the Brotherhood of Steel coming to Fallout 76?

As with the other updates mentioned in the roadmap, there isn’t a specific date for the Brotherhood’s arrival in the game. It will first be part of a questline called Steel Dawn in the Fall update of Fallout 76, which will lead into the larger Fractured Steel update that is set to release this winter. In the Fractured Steel update, the Brotherhood of Steel returns to the area in search of new technology and will bring new NPCs and quests. According to the roadmap, it is a continuation of the story started in Steel Dawn. We expect this update to be roughly the size of the Wastelanders story update.

Other changes included in the Fractured Steel update are the start of season 3, daily ops, a holiday event, instanced C.A.M.P. shelters, perk loadouts, and expeditions. Some of the changes build on previous updates coming in Summer and Winter. 

All release dates are vague, but the first update should come this summer.