When is Season 11 starting in Destiny 2?

What date is it available to play?

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie.net

It’s almost time for Season 11’s arrival in Destiny 2, Guardians. Bungie has remained tight-lipped about what new content we can expect from Season 11 but, ahead of their big reveal, you’ll want to know when it’ll be available to play.

Season 11 will be getting released on Tuesday, June 9. For those who are unfamiliar with Destiny 2’s release schedule, updates and weekly resets are always released on a Tuesday, so bear that in mind for future seasons and other content.

When is the Destiny 2 Season 11 release date
Image via Bungie.net

As for when Season 11 will be available to dive into, it’ll be patched into Destiny 2 in time for the normal weekly reset time. This takes place every Tuesday — as we discussed — but at different times depending on what region of the world you live in.

The times you need to be aware of, then, are 9am PDT, 12pm ET, 5pm BST, and 6pm CEST. For gamers in Australasia, the Season 11 update will go live at 2am AEST on Wednesday, June 10.

Right now we don’t know what Season 11 will be called, or what new missions, gear, and rewards will be on offer. What we can say is, if it’s like Seasons one through 10, there will be a new Season Pass, at least one Exotic weapon, and a host of tweaks and bug fixes.

If you still need to complete any part of Season 10, you’ve got three weeks (as of the time of writing) to finish any missions, complete the Season Pass and take part in other activities. Once Season 10 ends, they will be replaced and you will have missed out.