When is the release date for Aliens: Dark Descent?

Descend into darkness in 2023.

marines fight aliens with flamethrowers

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Aliens: Dark Descent is an upcoming tactical action game set in the Alien‘s universe and will see players dive into the unknown and fight their way through the Xenomorph hordes. Those eager for another bug hunt will want to know its release date and when they can get their hands on this newest entry to the Aliens legacy. This guide has got the answers for you and some details on what players can expect from the game when it releases.

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When does Aliens: Dark Descent come out?

Aliens: Dark Descent is set to launch on June 20 and will be available on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The game was first revealed at Summer Game Fest in 2022 with little new information about the game and what players could expect. Fortunately, the team has since given us a better look at what to expect.

The game will feature a new original story set in the Alien universe and put players in the role of a Colonial Marines commander tasked with investigating a colony that has seemingly gone dark, only to find it now overrun with rebels and Xenomorphs. You must take control of a squad of marines and navigate through levels to quell the Xenomorph horde while keeping your troops alive. The game will feature a “fluid” combat system, with a majority of the gameplay happening in real-time, but it can be slowed down massively to let you issue orders precisely and carefully. In short, Dark Descent will require you to think tactically about each move you make or risk permanently losing your troops. You’ll also explore to find unique areas and ways through levels and side objectives in large, open environments.

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The game will also feature customization options as you level up your troopers and equip them with different gear, tools, perks, and customizable loadouts to handle different situations and tasks, such as demolitions or combat. You’ll fight against aliens, rogue agents from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, and some original creatures not previously seen in the Alien franchise.