When is the release date for Among Us VR?

The smash hit is getting a VR version.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Among the 2021 Game Awards’s many surprise announcement, the shortest was without a doubt the announcement trailer for Among Us VR. The 27-second trailer featured immediately recognizable tasks from the original game, but rendered in first-person 3D view. The trailer cuts off when the player turns to their left and glimpses a crew mate for a split second before they are killed. It was a tantalizing tease, but when can it be played?

The trailer for Among Us VR did not list a release date. However, that lack of information tells us that the VR version of the hit game won’t be releasing until 2022. We do, however, know that Among Us VR will be purchasable for Playstation VR, MetaQuest 2, and Steam.

Among Us is an independent online multiplayer game which released in 2018 and received an additional explosion of popularity during the pandemic. In a match of Among Us, players try to conduct maintenance tasks while trying to figure out which player is the murderous Imposter before it’s too late. The VR version will appear to follow these same game mechanics on the original spaceship map. However, it will add immersive depth and different perspective to the original version’s top-down 2D view.