When is the release date for Atlas Fallen? Answered

When you want sand to get everywhere.

Image via Focus Store on YouTube

It looks like it’s almost time to slide into the saddle of action-adventure with Atlas Fallen, a cooperative-enabled title that has players hunting legendary monsters and fighting corrupted gods. Offering a large, sweeping world to explore and master, Atlas Fallen is set in a world made up of dunes where sand is used to empower weapons and wield incredible magic.

Atlas Fallen takes place in a vast desert, and promises players the opportunity to take down ferocious beasts of their choosing to build unique playstyles that center around superpowers. Forging a new era for humanity has never looked so good, but figuring out when players can begin to do so is a bit vague at the moment.

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When is the Atlas Fallen release date?

Atlas Fallen now has an official release date of May 16. Originally, developer Deck13 Interactive simply stated a window of 2023. The announcement didn’t offer much in the way of new details on the game. Aside from the release date, new pictures show off Atlas Fallen’s world in all its sandy goodness. Those who pre-order the game also gain access to in-game items such as skins and gear.

Image via Focus Entertainment

The Steam page for Atlas Fallen makes a few promises, however: weapons that shift form depending on needs, hunting magnificent beasts for their essence, and the ability to glide across the sands of the desert world left for the ruins of humanity. Offering super-human powers of levitation and super-strength, Atlas Fallen appears to place players in the midst of a power-fantasy where the true test of mettle comes from obscenely large and deadly creatures.

Atlas Fallen currently exists in an enigmatic state: aside from the stunning trailer, little is understood about this title aside from a brief reference to corrupt gods and a once thriving landscape being turned to sand and dust. In the darkest hour of humanity, two heroes rise to liberate mankind.

Atlas Fallen will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X/S. Currently, players can only pre-order the game through Focus Entertainment’s online store if they’re purchasing a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X copy.