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When is the release date for Moonbreaker? Answered

Painting and tabletop strategy, what's not to like.

Tabletop strategies tend to be few and far between compared to the other staple genres of videogames, such as FPS, and Moonbreaker seems poised to fill the miniature-sized hole in our digital lives. Promising the ‘true digital miniatures experience,’ players will be able to collect, paint, and battle their unique miniatures in single-player and PvP game modes.

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Lest that bring some concern in how quickly minifigs can empty a wallet, Moonbreaker also promises the ability to unlock all miniatures through gameplay, rather than with microtransactions — the Steam page does hint at seasons, however, that players will likely need to purchase to unlock the next set through gameplay once the game releases. But when is Moonbreaker expected to release? Let’s take a look.

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Moonbreaker release date

According to the Steam page of Moonbreaker, players will be able to get into the tabletop action on September 29, 2022. The title will launch under Steam’s Early Access program, and developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment appears eager to have actual players begin exploring its mechanics.

Players can request access to the playtest prior to release on the Steam page by logging into Steam and navigating to just below the ‘Wishlist’ option — you’ll receive an email if you’re selected for playtesting prior to the title launching in early access. Unknown Worlds Entertainment (of Subnautica fame) notes that, as the title is in early access, it’s ‘full of bugs’ and missing features.

Image via Worlds Unknown Entertainment

The candor is refreshing and the gameplay seems fascinating, with roguelike runs using your custom crew and captains, or straight PvP warfare with gameplay that seems satisfying and tactically deep. The ability to paint your gathered miniature units, however, is a unique take that should not only speak to the soul of classic tabletop veterans, but should also excite the creative types that want to show their own flair.

Moonbreaker will be ready to play for the public shortly, and is currently only coming to PC.

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