When is the release date for Goodbye Volcano High?

When can we expect to meet these rockin’ reptiles?

Image via KO_OP

Goodbye Volcano High is a band-focused rhythm game that weaves whimsical dinosaur-inspired characters into a story of friends who appear to be drifting apart. This indie game has been a long time coming, but when can we expect to experience the story for ourselves? Here’s when you can play Goodbye Volcano High.

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Final release date for Goodbye Volcano High

During a February State of Play presentation, a trailer included the expected release date for Goodbye Volcano High, revealing that it’s set to drop on June 15. Game developer KO_OP has made a Tweet celebrating the game’s featured slot in the State of Play stream, along with a confirmation of its summer release date.

The game’s official announcement has garnered lots of positive attention, with plenty of fans and members of gaming media on Twitter voicing their excitement for the game. Fans are praising Goodbye Volcano High’s unique art style and stellar voice acting as its strong points. The trailer also features some simple rhythm game mechanics, which seem to come second to the game’s story and RPG elements.

Goodbye Volcano High’s queer representation, explained

So far, Goodbye Volcano High seems to be the perfect fit for those looking to enjoy a more relaxed storyline, but its impact shouldn’t be discounted; the game has been lauded even before the trailer’s release for featuring a non-binary protagonist, which is highly uncommon in the gaming space. KO_OP has used they/them pronouns to refer to the game’s protagonist, Fang, and later confirmed that the character identifies as non-binary. The game’s inclusive nature and its willingness to put LGBTQ+ friendships and relationships in the spotlight only contribute to the game’s comfortable atmosphere, helping to highlight the difficult realities that come hand-in-hand with growing up.

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To long-running fans of the independent developer, this shouldn’t come as a surprise; KO_OP has continuously posted resources that place LGBTQ+, Black, and Indigenous groups at the forefront, using their platform to give a voice to underrepresented communities. Where so many triple-A studios fall short, we can count on KO_OP to deliver an inclusive storyline that is every bit as heartwarming as it is entertaining.